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We empower organizations to realize the full benefits of Agile.

Our Approach

The HadleyQ assessment

First, we introduce the Agile Mindset into your business by establishing a strategy around it. Next, we proceed to your product and service development, organizing how your team works and changing how you value your output. Finally, we help you execute according to transparent and measurable goals, giving you the chance to always improve and maximize your workflow.

Our services are:

Agile Strategy

Agile Organization

Agile Execution

Breaking It Down

Agile Strategy...

transforms your organization to work with an Agile Mindset. We conduct assessments and analysis based on proven methods. We focus your efforts and resources on working on those products and services that matter most—the ones that maximize your ROI. We train your team to deliver your products and services faster, better, and cheaper.

An Agile Organization...

means you apply the Agile Mindset to all your product and service development. We do this by developing intake demand processes to manage how you identify, approve, and assign work to teams. This ensures that the work is performed on the right priority items. Our Lean Portfolio Management lets you think about funding value streams instead of just projects. We’ll enable dynamic fund allocation to allow your team to produce more efficient results via decentralized decision-making.

Agile Execution...

comes down to self-organized teams working closely together to achieve a clear vision. Transparency makes it easy for all members to understand what the organization is doing to achieve this vision and how it’s doing this. Well-defined, realistic objectives are set, and key results are continually measured. These metrics validate success or identify opportunities to change course. This ensures constant improvement to maximize workflow throughput.

Our Cornerstone

The HadleyQ Assessment.

The HadleyQ, our proprietary assessment tool, is the gateway to our services. The HadleyQ takes your team through 65-questions to determine Agile Mindset in your organization. Rooted in research, experience, and an evidence, our evaluation is based on the authoritative and tested principle of the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument. We improve upon HBDI’s principle and four quadrants to include modern ways of working through Agile.

When we identify a problem attribute or quadrant, we will move to a shorter 12-question section based on just that specific attribute or quadrant with your team. This section enables us to deliver more insight into solving the problem.

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Our Analysis

Our analysis is organized into four quadrants.


Iterative, Flexible, Prioritization


Retrospective, Fail Fast/Delivery Strong, Experimental


Trust, Respect, Humility


Self-organizing, Transparency, Decentralized Decision-Making

Our Insight

The HadleyQ Result.

After you take the HadleyQ assessment, we use our proprietary colored quadrant graph to discuss your results with you and how the quadrants relate to each other. We then switch over to a grayscale graph to understand the importance of the attributes and arcs within Agile.

The results deliver deep insight into your business. For Agile to truly succeed, these attributes in the quadrants must work together. Your HadleyQ results will provide the initial road map to a truly Agile company.

Our Promise

Every Company Can Truly BECOME Agile.

Using the HadleyQ assessment, we are able to critically analyze organizations; using our experience, research, and skill, we are able to impact them. Based on your results, we will create and implement a comprehensive, impactful, and measurable plan aligned with your strategy.

Our Promise is to deliver on our Core Value; we will help your company become truly Agile.

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