Business Agility Starts From Within

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Business Agility Starts From Within

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According to an HBR study, today over 80% of organizations practice Agile. But do they really? Many still do not capitalize on the benefits of their Agile strategy. So, why go through the motions without the payoff?

It’s because most organizations do not have an Agile Mindset.

The Agile Mindset fosters transparency across the organization. Your stakeholders can hold each other accountable and clearly see where progress is made and challenges lie.

The Mindset is also iterative, empowering your team to deliver demonstrable value in small, consistent, and incremental additions.

As you progress, you prioritize work based on what matters to satisfy your organization’s vision and mission.

The Agile Mindset enables you to fail fast and deliver strong. Test early and frequently, learn from your failures, and course-correct.

Learn what worked best, what you need to improve, and what didn’t work in the retrospective. This will empower you to repeat success and avoid known failures by analyzing empirical evidence from your track record.

These are an Agile Mindset’s five greatest benefits to your organization.

You’ll empower your team to create better products. This boosts their morale, as well as engagement. Overall, this approach fosters a sense of ownership and pride in their work. You’ll quickly see that no challenge is too difficult for your team to overcome. Use the Agile Mindset to promote innovation at your organization.

HadleyQ innovates a sure-fire way to measure Agile Mindset.

Our Assessment understands Agile in four areas:

  • Strategy
  • Analytics
  • Organization
  • Relations

Rooted in research, evidence, and experience, and adopted at several Fortune 500 companies, HadleyQ’s proprietary assessment tool is your next step to Agile success.

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