About Us

There’s no substitute for delivering value to our clients.

Our Strategy

Tried and True

We are inspired by the 18th- century mathematician John Hadley and his invention, the celestial navigation tool, the quadrant. Ship captains would use this tool to determine their location at sea and chart their course ahead.

Our tool, the HadleyQ Assessment, similarly allows leaders to triangulate their organizations strengths and weaknesses to navigate their course ahead to success.

Our tool allows the organizations to visualize their current Agile Mindset in order strategize the Agile journey.

Our Process

We deliver value.

While our founders come from a corporate background, we provide Big 5-quality consulting services at competitive rates. We equip our clients with knowledge, developing solutions for them that are based on research and experience. We deliver results: There’s no substitute for delivering value to our clients, which we do by simplifying complex principles and eliminating jargon. At HadleyQ, we lead with heart.

Our Attitude

The more we learn, the more you benefit

Our client-obsessed team loves solving challenges and has fun doing it. As a result, we always meet our client goals and have earned client trust and satisfaction. We have delivered positive results and are trusted partners to organizations in the following industries:

  • Healthcare / Health Science
  • Insurance
  • Financial Investment
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality
  • Non-profit
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail


Every company can truly BECOME Agile.


Each challenge is an opportunity. Own it and drive. Fail fast so that you can get up, course-correct, and deliver strong.


Ground each strategy in research, knowledge, and experience. Leverage best practices and try new ideas.


People first and empathy in everything that we do.


Constantly simplify complexity. Make it stick.