Single Critical Factor that Makes the Agile Mindset Strategy Successful

Mar 17, 2021



To many in the industry, Agile Mindset is just a buzzword, but to a select few, it is much more. Agile Mindset is a way organizations can transform how they deliver products or services. However, simply adopting Agile is not enough. Replacing one process with another may bring marginal value but it doesn’t transform the way companies innovate new technology, products, or services. Transformation requires leaders to inspire, team members to find their intrinsic motivation, and companies to challenge their norms. Therefore, organizations must understand and make human psychology and individual personality traits a part of Agile Mindset strategy.

Why many Agile models focused on the Agile Mindset fail

Agile adoption often focuses only on the process. However, it is crucial to remember that for any change in behavior to be successful, one must account for mindset and reaction to the action the new process brings. Hence, in our opinion it is impossible to transform a team if we don’t take the time to understand what makes a team successful to begin with.

Focus on what makes the team 'click' together

While there are many personality and organizational studies such as Myers Briggs, Big Five, and Clifton’s strength finder, there is only one that studies and reflects a collective team’s performance - the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). According to HBDI, our brains have 4 quadrants, each representing a specific strength: strategic, analytical, organizational, and relational. Further, each individual tends to favor one quadrant over the others as their natural strength. Every successful organization needs strategy, analysis, organization, and relation for it to function and succeed. Hence, for a team to be successful, it is important to balance the team with members that lead with each of the 4 strengths. You can read more about HBDI here.

The Secret Sauce!

Since Agile is about team output and performance, we decided to study the correlation between Agile and HBDI in order to develop our own Agile Mindset framework that connects at the core of the issue, and is inclusive of process adoption and organizational psychology. Today, our framework has been implemented successfully at many organizations with 100% success rate with measurable return on investment (ROI) on the Agile Mindset.

You can learn more about how we measure the return on investment refer to our separate blog post. To take our Agile Mindset assessment click here.